No more stress helps cure progress.

For every person who has ever forgotten to take medication.



You will be always informed about drug interactions, which could put your life in danger.

Ways of use

You will always be sure that you are taking your drugs correctly.


Your parents, or grandparents, who do not use smartphones, will recieve notifications via SMS.


Our app will help you by showing you the nearest pharmacy to your location. It will also be able to tell you the prices of the medication you need in different stores, so you can pick the one with the best price.


We will deliver your drugs right onto your doorstep.


Your doctor can look at patient’s previously taken drugs and avoid dangerous combinations.


PillsPlan is building a community in which it‘s members help one another. The community contains pharmacies, doctors and patients as well.

Keep track

See all your, and your kids’ previously taken drugs.

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